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A postdoctoral research fellow will be working on the SimStudent project ( funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) entitled “Developing an Online Learning Environment for Learning Algebra by Teaching a Synthetic Peer” (the project abstract at the IES web). Read more and apply!

Graduate Research Opportunities:

See our open positions for 2022 Summer/Fall for graduate students, both for MS and PhD, including 3 GRA scholarship for PhD student.

Research Programmer:

The Research Programmer will build an adaptive online course, which will result in an integration of intelligent tutoring systems into online courses (aka MOOC). We will primarily develop (1) a web-browser based GUI builder to create a user interface for an intelligent tutoring system, (2) an API to connect the user interface with the programming-by-tutoring backend, (3) an integration technology for the intelligent tutoring system to run on the online course (e.g., XBlock), and (4) student modeling technology to dynamically compute the proficiency of the individual students at runtime. We will conduct user studies with actual students to measure the effectiveness of the developed system. Apply now!

Lab Manager:

The Lab Manager will help to contribute to research projects including (1) developing an online learning environment to study how students learn with adaptive learning technologies and (2) developing an intelligent tutee that helps students learn to solve equations by teaching. We will conduct pilot studies in a lab and evaluation studies in real classroom settings to measure the effectiveness of a proposed learning technologies as well as to develop theories on how students learn. Apply now!