Noboru Matsuda, Director

Dr. Noboru Matsuda is Associate Professor of Computer Science. His primary research interest is in an intersection of artificial intellicence and learning science. Dr. Matsuda has received his PhD in Intelligent Systems from University of Pittsburgh in 2004. He is a big fun of DIY with a particular interest in woodcrafted furniture.


Dmitri Droujkov, PhD CSC

Dmitri joined IEC in the Spring of 2022, working at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences, and Education. Dmitri is experienced with all aspects of the software development lifecycle. He is interested in the ways AI can help make mathematics more accessible in kind ways. His primary focus is developing adaptive online courseware in STEM disciplines..

Tasmia Sharhiar, PhD CSC

Tasmia joined IEC in Fall 2018 and has been working on the SimStudent project. Her primary focus is to make interactive teachable agents to facilitate tutor learning in any problem-solving domain. Her research area is focused on AI in education, Human-computer interaction, specifically, on combining natural language processing to facilitate human learning.

Machi Shimmei, PhD CSC

Machi Shimmei joined IEC in Fall 2018. Her work mainly focuses on advancing Artificial Intelligence for education. Her research includes theoretical analysis of deep-neural network models for natural language processing, educational data mining, and learning engineering for online courseware. She has been working on the Rafine and Quadl projects.

Alex Carruth, MS CSC

Alex joined IEC in Spring 2022. His research interest lies in an application of reinforcement learning for adaptive online courseware. He is working on an NSF funded research on the PASTEL project where we build an adaptive online course for colletel level Chemistry.

Yash Ghatole, MS CSC

Yash joined IEC in Fall 2021 while pursuing Masters in Computer science. He is primarily interested in an application of deep learning for anomay detection, and currently working on an international joint collaboration project to develop a video analysis technology to detect animal abnormal behaviors.

Parth is currently pursuing Masters in Computer science. His interest lies in web technologies and distributed systems. Parth joined IEC in summer 2021. He is the lead software developer working on Watson and Cyberbook Project.

Raj Shah, MS CSC

Raj joined IEC in Spring 2021. He is a lead system developer on the SimStudent project where we develop an online learning environment that allows students to learn to solve problems by teaching a synthetic peer.

Peeyush Taneja is currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning. His primary research interest lies in deep learning and reinforcement learning. He is currently working on the RAFINE project and has previously worked on deep learning and computer vision projects.

Jesse Wood, MS CSC

Jesse joined IEC in the Summer of 2021 and is pursing a Master of Science in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He is currently working on the SMART project and has interests in natural language processing and deep learning.

Kathryn Lu, BS CoE class of 2025

Kathryn joined IEC in Fall 2021 almost at the same time when she started her undergraduate college life at the NSCU College of Engineering. She is interested in Human-Computer Interaction and mobile computing. She is a member of a joint collaboration project with Dr. Xiaolin Duan, Professor of History at NCSU, where we develop an interactive map for history eduction.