Faculty and Staff

Noboru Matsuda, Director

Dr. Noboru Matsuda is Associate Professor of Computer Science.  His primary research interest is in an intersection of artificial intellicence and learning science.  Dr. Matsuda has received his PhD in Intelligent Systems from University of Pittsburgh in 2004.  He is a big fun of DIY with a particular interest in woodcrafted furniture. 

Yancy Vance Paredes, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Yancy is interested in in the areas of educational assessments, adaptive educational systems, and learning analytics, primarily in the field of computer science education. Previously, he developed an educational technology that leverages summative assessments to help students identify and address their misconceptions. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Arizona State University in 2023. 

Machi Shimmei, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Machi Shimmei joined IEC in Fall 2018 as a PhD student. Her work mainly focuses on advancing Artificial Intelligence for education. Her research includes theoretical analysis of deep-neural network models for natural language processing, educational data mining, and learning engineering for online courseware. She has been working on the Rafine and Quadl projects. 


Tasmia Sharhiar, PhD CSC

Tasmia joined IEC in Fall 2018 and has been working on the SimStudent project. Her primary focus is to make interactive teachable agents to facilitate tutor learning in any problem-solving domain. Her research area is focused on AI in education, Human-computer interaction, specifically, on combining natural language processing to facilitate human learning.

Fardin Saad, PhD CSC

Fardin joined IEC in the Fall of 2023. His research interests are at the confluence of Human-Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Education. Fardin is interested in making education pervasive and ubiquitous by applying HCI and NLP. His primary focus is language prompt generation to elicit learning, which falls under the SimStudent project.  

Subodh Suryakant Gujar, MS CSC

Subodh has 3 years of experience in system development and designing microservices architecture on cloud. His research interest lies in Neural Network & Deep Learning areas. He is currently managing development and deployment of the SimStudent project on a local server.

Deep Mehta, MS CSC

Deep joined IEC in Fall 2022. Deep is a full stack software developer with 3+ years of industry experience, with his most recent experience at Microsoft. His research interest lies in Software Engineering, Cloud and DevOps. He is currently working on development and deployment of the Cyberbook project at the IEC Lab.

Nikhilesh Cherukuri, MS CSC

Nikhilesh joined IEC in Spring 2023. He has 1.5+ years industry experience as an NLP Engineer in building products for scale using classic Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Generative AI. His research interest lies in working with Large language models, Generative AI & NLP. He is currently working on identifying prompting techniques to make LLM’s reason better

Akash Kore, CS CSC

Akash joined IEC in the Spring of 2024. He commenced his master's degree in Computer Science at NCSU in Fall 2023. Currently, he is dedicated to his Master's Thesis under the guidance of Dr. Noboru Matsuda, focusing on core Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Lliam Rankins, BA CSC

Lliam joined IEC in Fall 2023.  Although their primary research focus is on the use of autoencoders for image augmentation and data generation, they are interested in all things machine learning and natural language processing. They are currently working on an international collaboration where researchers aim to build a video anomaly detection at a nuclear power plant.